Interview with Focus on the Family

"Shining a Positive Light on Down Syndrome"

     Melissa, Robert and Trevor Hendershot interview with President Jim Daly (right)                                   and Co-host John Fuller (left) of Focus on the Family. 

     Melissa, Robert and Trevor Hendershot interview with President Jim Daly (right)                                   and Co-host John Fuller (left) of Focus on the Family. 

Robert, Trevor and Melissa were invited out to Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs to record a radio interview that was broadcast on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21, 2017. Focus, a Christian ministry with an audience of millions across the United States and around the world, has been dedicated to helping families thrive since its founding in 1977. Focus provides help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God's design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

During their interview Robert shared how the practical lessons God taught him in his recovery helped him to be a better father to Trevor, and vice versa, the spiritual lessons God taught him as Trevor's dad have helped him to stay sober for over twenty years. The discussion also covered Robert and Trevor's book Angel for Higher, their ministry 'Angels for Higher' and their vision to transform the pro-life, special needs culture of the sports stadium at a time.

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly has stated, "Trevor's life is a powerful testimony to the inestimable worth of every human being and a reminder that God creates all of us with a divine purpose to fulfill. It's clear the Lord is working through your family in incredible ways, and I look forward to learning how He continues to impact lives as you share your story. It was a privilege to air this compelling discussion in conjunction with World Down Syndrome Day.”

Check out the videos below for an exclusive look at Trevor and Robert at the Focus on the Family radio station!

“Wow, what a powerful story! Bob Hendershot, you are a terrific Dad, and let me tell you, from one father to another, you’re doin’ the job! I’m so impressed with the way you advocate for Trevor, while also letting him stand on his own two feet, and that’s not easy to do. This kind of story really hits home with us here at Focus on the Family. The positive impact Trevor’s life has had on others is undeniable, and it’s a message of hope to all parents of children with special needs.”
— Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family
“I sat in my car before work and teared up as I listened to your interview on Focus on the Family. At the end when the interviewer mentioned that Trevor was the Angels Team Store Greeter I immediately knew who he was! He has welcomed us each time we visited the stadium. Later that week I played the podcast of the interview for the whole family at the dinner table. We love your son. Today we presented him with the card and he blessed us each with a hug. He’s a gift from God for sure. Thanks for sharing him.”
— Jeff R., Angels fan
“Please forgive us if we have the wrong person, but are you Trevor’s Mom? If so, we listen to Focus on the Family all the time in our offices, and heard about him on their World Down Syndrome Day broadcast. Congratulations, he’s an awesome inspiration! If you aren’t the same Melissa, you should look her up! What an incredible Mom! Blessings to you & yours!”
— A hand-written note found inside package Melissa ordered from a company located in Austin, Texas