Trevorizing occurs when someone's inspirational influence improves our world and the people living in it. Every place Trevor's feet have trodden has been made better by virtue of his presence. Every person Trevor's heart has touched has been made better by virtue of his proximity. Trevor continues to claim the Team Store doors where he greets as pulpits from which he preaches his three-part Trevorizing aphorism:

Think Eternally: Its better to live for God's approval than for man's applause. Trevor's God-consciousness eclipses any self-consciousness, and so he's free to be the person God has created him to be.

Serve Faithfully: The world crowns financial success; God crowns faithful service. Trevor may not become wealthy from the wages he receives from his jobs, but his life's become a beautiful testimony from what he gives back in his service to the Lord. 

Live Joyfully: The positive cheerfulness Trevor emanates, along with the unbridled enthusiasm he radiates, comes from the joy that overflows from inside his heart. Like Trevor, if we make the moment-by-moment choice to embrace an attitude of gratitude, then our demeanor will not reflect the disappointments prompted by the circumstances around us, but instead will reflect the joy that comes from the Lord living within us.

“God has given you to us, Trevor Hendershot! You share your Light & Spirit with us all! It’s precious and beautiful! I thank God for the sweet soul He has given us…you! I want you to know just how much Light you share, especially at the Team Store when you’re high-fiving everyone and supporting our Ducks. But I know that wherever you are, God’s Love & Light shine through you and is shared with everyone you come in contact with! You’re amazing! Believe that in your heart! Love to you my friend!”
— Tracie M., Ducks fan