Angels for Higher seeks to elevate the brands of sports stadiums by encouraging them to employ individuals with Down syndrome to work in fully inclusive environments.

Here are some additional details:

Step 1: SAles-Stadiums

On-site presentations to stadium personnel explaining how the tremendous long-term financial (ROI), public relations (branding), and social (diversity/inclusion) benefits that could accrue at their stadiums would far outweigh any short-term challenges involved in hiring individuals with Down syndrome to work as Greeters in their Team Stores. Discussions would include recently enacted federal law (WIOA) mandating the integration of disabled workers into general population. Additional suggestions would include parameters to consider and guidelines to follow when seeking qualified employees.

Step 2: SUPPLY-down syndrome Organizations

On-site presentations to regional Down syndrome organizations to introduce their local sports team's exciting plans to hire individuals with Down syndrome to work as Greeters at their stadiums. There would also be a description of the realities involved in working in an often tumultuous stadium environment, as well as the physical, emotional and practical qualifications necessary for successful employment.

STEP 3: sERVICE-Facilitate successful Long-term employment

Coordinate interview processes of pre-qualified individuals who have Down syndrome with the stadium's human resources department. Promote thoughtful interactions between merchandising personnel, their newly hired Team Store Greeters, and local social service agencies in order to ensure successful long-term employment and mutually beneficial relationships for everyone involved in these inclusive employment opportunities at the stadiums.

“Trevor is one of the kindest and greatest people I have ever known. He makes coming into work every day such a joy, even when my life wasn’t so much. This dude is the best coworker I will ever have had the joy of working alongside. I’m so blessed to get to hear about all his exciting activities and will support him as he tackles new obstacles in the future.”
— Ryan D., Ducks co-worker
“Trevor is a gift to all who come in contact with him! We are all truly blessed that he is here! I have had the pleasure of working with Trevor for a few seasons at Angel Stadium. I was sure to give him a high five and a hug every shift. He is truly a gem!”
— Mary M., Angels co-worker
“Trevor is a fine young man and great representative of the Angels’ organization!”
— Ed L., Angels co-worker